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Click Remotely

There's a lot of names for it ... clicker, pickle switch, slide advancer ... all presenters ask for one. And even though we're now doing live streaming and virtual event presentations remotely, they still have to have it. Click Remotely is a virtual presentation "clicker". It allows remote presenters to signal and/or actually control their own Powerpoint or Keynote presentations -- which are originating from your studio -- giving them the same level of control that they would expect on stage.

Why not just let them share their screen? Keeping the presentation machine in your production control room provides a much higher quality image. And with Click Remotely, you don't lose your full-screen camera mode.

The Click Remotely app is cross-platform, and simple to use. it easily generates unique links that you can distribute to your presenters removing the need for them to download and install additional software or apps. And we're hearing from everyone that they love it.

We're currently testing and putting the finishing touches on Click Remotely, but are excited to share it soon. If you're interested to learn more, please sign up for our email list on this page to be one of the first to know when we do.